Thursday, November 17, 2011

How To Win A Dominion Match

I'm far from an expert in the new League of Legends Dominion mod, but my experience has taught me few things about winning The Crystal Scar, which I'd like to say something about it now. I've lost many games with players who are just running across the map, chasing kills and doing nothing for the team, especially not capturing the crucial points or even defending them.

The main strategy for winning a Dominion match is of course, capturing the points. There are five capture points on map. The more you control, the fast you will win the match. Let me give you some very, very basics tips on How to win a Dominion match.

  • In order to win, you need to capture points. At least three. So, one of the basic goals is, of course, to control even one more capture point, than the enemy team.
  • A good practice, or a standard formation is this next thing now. One player captures the bottom point and holds the lane, while the four other players are rushing top. The middle point is captured by one player as well, who will join the other three at the top capture point. The fight is usually going on at the top at early game, so 4v4 team fight is better than 3v4.
  • Map awareness. This one is a must. Even though you will run across the map more often, always keep an eye on what your team already captured and what might need a defense. Try to respond to the pings and don't go 3v1 in an already won lane/capture point, while you're losing what you already have.
  • Use the Speed Shrines. They've put them there for a reason and sometimes you will need to move faster.
  • The Greater Relic also needs to be captured at some point of the game. Sometimes, someone else will need it more than you do. Perhaps a tank who might be the last chance to save a capture point. Don't be selfish and if you don't really need it, give it to someone else. Also, don't be selfish capturing the Health Relics, as well.
  • Quests are also beneficial things to do in Dominion. When your team gets a quest, try to focus that quests, but don't forget about your other capture points. Games are lost when the team is concentrating only on their quest.
  • Don't count kill. The main idea of Dominion is capturing points that will win your match. Don't just run around killing enemies without a purpose. Teamwork here is even more important than the classic game.
Hope this helps. Let this be the very basic guide to Dominion and prepare for a more in-depth guide soon, one that will also cover the best champions.

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