Friday, November 11, 2011

What happened to Magma Chamber?

Magma Chamber Concept Art

Ever since I started playing League of Legends, there were numerous release dates for what should be the best MOBA map I have ever seen. Of course, beside the 'standard' 5v5 that we usually see in games like this.

This new map was about to introduce a new approach to our beloved Summoner's Rift gameplay, with a slightly different strategy and more tactical fights taking place in the lanes across. What I really loved about Magma Chamber, was the design and looks. Half of the map was covered in ice, while the other half bursting in flames and magma. The whole thing about lanes connected with small paths looked interesting and could've offered a whole new experience in an familiar manner. Also, Magma Chamber was going to introduce portals for transport from lane to lane.

Layout of lanes, monsters and structures

What happened? Did Riot ditched Magma Chamber for Dominion? It seems so. If you take a close look at the concept art, you can see some elements that The Crystal Scar has. I was really hoping the map was stuck into development hell, but now it looks like they've turned it into something else.

Anyway, there is still some hope left here, since we never got any official word on the current Magma Chamber status. Maybe we'll finally see it in the next gigantic update of the game. I'm sure many Summoners will be happy.

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