Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some bragging about Xerath, Graves and everything

Hi everybody!

Been busy for the past few weeks, that's why I stalled posting. So, what's new in League of Legends? Many things! They have released a new champion that I didn't covered here - Shyvana, the Half-Dragon. I've seen people playing her, even as a tank, but she seems completely uninteresting to me. That's why I bought Xerath and Graves and currently playing them.

turned out to be an amazing mage. He's great for many situation and works perfect on every map. Boosting the range on his Arcanopulse spell allows you to kill enemies from a long distance, electrocuting them with a huge fucking AP! Hide in a bush and - blaow! Defend capture points in Dominion, ambush on Twisted Treeline? Perfect. Just spice it up with Rylai's and they will be going nowhere. Some spell-vamp might also come in handy at late game.

Graves is my new favorite champion. Works both mid and lane, he's good for Dominion and Twisted Treeline, plus he has a top-notch lore and looks, that really fits my mood these days. He can be build with many different combinations and when I play Dominion I like trying different items (in the fitting manner, of course). Attack speed is a must in most of the builds, Attack Damage too, but what I really like it's the Life-Steal "experiments". The Bloodthirster is my standard item most of the winning games, and sometimes works insane with Bligewater! Get a Phantom Dancer and just imagine how the screen of your enemies becomes gray as they curse you while the respawn counter melts to zero! Graves also has an ultimate spell that can get you easy multikill. At this moment, he's my favorite champion for Twisted Treeline matches, even solo.

These two champions were a great purchase!Link

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